Chapter One: Almost Complete!

I've almost finished the first chapter of episode one: it's a nice little introduction to our characters and it sets them off on their bizarre journey through the hectic world of The Propahverse. I'm pretty proud of it, and I'm looking forward to seeing what you think of it!

Before I launch the first chapter of the game I'm going to complete procedural generation for zombies and do a few last finishing touches to ensure that Smedlington Manor is an environment full of lore and intractable elements. I'm also working with Kieran Hicks to ensure that combat feels juicy and punchy.

(Oh, yeah. I also need to add music and sound effects. They're kinda important.)

I'm going to be releasing the game as a slow-burn drip feed of chapters to get player feedback and allow people to help me craft the story and make suggestions to improve the game! I'm going to go with a "pay once, get all the new content" kinda thing, where you only have to buy chapter one in order to get all the other chapters of episode one as they come out. I'm also hoping to offer the chance for your name to be hidden in the game somewhere if you contribute more!

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