Finalising The Story!

I thought I'd just do a quick blog post to let you know that last night Lisa and I sat down in front of a whiteboard and plotted out the final story beats for the game. I've trimmed away some of the unnecessary stuff to make sure that the game is constantly exciting and fun to play.

We've done rough guesstimates to figure out how long the game will take to play based on data from the demo level, and I looks like the game will take about five and a half hours to get through in total.

My next plan is to work out the features required for each level, then I'm going to work with Nicolas to create mock screenshots for each level to get a rough idea of how they might look and the primary colour schemes for each one. I'm also going to take the chance to sure up some of the code in the demo and add a few things that were left on my to-do list such as a drop down objectives reminder and a new sound effects for Boris Bletchley.

Thanks for reading and have a GREAT day!


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