Paper Level Design

I've started work on mapping out the second stage of the game, where the characters visit the quaint little village of Smedlington and discover a shocking truth.

Sketching out level layouts on paper is really useful to me because I'm starting to get really critical in terms of level design and how it should flow. I'm hoping that Smedlington Village will be a huge improvement on the sprawling and tight corridors of Smedlington Manor. I've added a lot of open areas for fights and a bunch of interesting mechanics that the player can use to their advantage within the game space.

I've also got Nowak working on key art for the third level of the game - i'll be doing a blog post about that one once I've received some mock screenshots from him - it's going to be a visually striking and exciting level, for sure.

The game is chugging along nicely, I'm hoping everyone is enjoying the demo - not a day goes by without someone new playing the game, and I think that's pretty cool.


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Feb 18, 2018

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