A Blast To The Past

Shameen and I spent a while this week repairing the old Propah Job Studios website and reclaiming some of the lost data from it! It's been amazing to see it back in all it's glory (minus a good chunk of the articles that were corrupted for some reason... and the wiki seems to have lost all its data too.)

PJS Website

You can read a big thread about it on my Twitter. I'd really recommend taking a look. It's a great insight into the flash games I used to make as a teenager that I'd completely forgotten about! I'm really happy we've managed to reclaim even a small chunk of this history.

Today Mark and I marathoned a bunch of the old YouTube videos we made. It reminded me how much I wanted to be a film director as a kid, and rekindled some of my earliest memories of making films to entertain people.

I was about 10 years old when I went to Meadowhall Shopping Center for a day with my parents: there was a stall in the middle of it showing off the new LEGO Studios Moviemaker sets, and my little mind was blown by a short introduction to stop-motion animation. I couldn't afford to buy the software or the LEGO sets, but I tried making stop motion LEGO films using the camcorder we had at home - they were kind of successful, I suppose?

LEGO Movie Maker

Me and Will spent a big chunk of time up until about the age of 15 making LEGO movies, and I started to branch off into live action. Before we put the bricks to rest, Will directed two amazing LEGO films: A Blast To The Past and Indiana Jones and The Legend of the Forbidden Silver Discs. Both of these movies are on the Propah Job Youtube Channel, so I'd love it if you watched them.

After finishing with LEGO and starting to look at live-action videos, we continued to get better and better at making things. We moved from Windows Movie Maker to Sony Vegas Studio and improved our craft over time. We had a lot of fun doing it.

The marathon we did today has highlighted a lot of useful cameos, jokes and tropes we can add into the Propahverse game to make it even more exciting and fun. So expect to see some aspects of our old LEGO films leaking into the final games!


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