Galactic Credits and YOU!

Work has been progressing steadily on The Propahverse over the last few months. I'm really proud of what its becoming, and I'm hoping you're gonna love it when I release the first chapter. 

Lisa has been hard at work translating the game to french, and I've spent a few minutes here and there translating it to Pirate. This is where a lot of the time has gone, as I've been having to strip out all the english words from the dialogue and the UI and replace them with a nice localisation system. It's been really boring... 

I wanted to do a quick post to talk about Galactic Credits and how they'll affect your journey throughout the game.

Players should be rewarded for exploring the levels and solving puzzles that aren't story-critical - I've added Galactic Credits to provide an incentive to explore and try out things.

Galactic Credits can be spent at secret rooms in every level in order to upgrade their melee, health and ranged skills, but there's only a finite amount in each level, so you need to choose your upgrades wisely!

I'm still working out the finer details of this system - but I want the player to be able to specialize their play style by letting them choose which upgrades they'll buy from the secret shops. I want each upgrade to make the player feel noticeably more powerful.

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