A downloadable experience for Windows


🧊 Unnecessarily High Quality Cans!

🧃 All colours, sizes, tastes, and accessories!

🥤 Tasty and tasteful canned drink erotica!

💼 Corporate drama! Family tragedy!

📸 Greed! Love! Passion! Photography!

✋ One Handed Gameplay available!


Programming, Game Design, Visual Effects:

Sean Oxspring

2D Art, UI:

Sarah Ford

3D Art:

Sam Silvers

Original Shize Jingle:

Chel Wong


N. Cannon, África Curiel, Nagisa Futagawa, Zaid Shaikh

Announcer Voice Acting:

Casey Whillhite

Canned Voice Acting (alphabetical order):

Ahmed El-Badawi
Anna De Cicco
Bertine van Hövell
Ben M-J
Bianca Pana
Dan Chambers
Evgeni Puzankov
Joanna Graham
Joe Neeves
Kat Welsford
Kitty Crawford
Lorraine Ansell
Lucas Duff
Natalie Winter
Reece Bridger
Rina Locke
Sam Silvers
Sean Oxspring
Xalavier Nelson Jr.
Zach Thelen

Translations and Cultural Experts:

Nagisa Futagawa, Evgeni Puzankov, Masao Kobayashi, Lisa Schaeffer, Bianca Pana, Ahmed El-Badawi, Mcdoogleh, Zaid Shaikh

Special Thanks:

Anna Webster, Phasmophobia, Crimbles the Ghost Hunting Goblin, Harry Edwards (Original Shize Machine), Green

Social Media and Itch Page:

Lisa Schaeffer

Constant Emotional Support:

Cassie Clark

❗ WARNINGS: food, body horror, flashing images, sexual themes, insects, gambling, bdsm, clowns, smoking ❗

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(56 total ratings)
GenreSimulation, Rhythm
Made withAdobe Photoshop, Unity
Tags3D, Adult, cans, Dating Sim, NSFW, Singleplayer, soda
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
LinksSteam, Twitter, Steam, YouTube


OnlyCans: Hot And Steamy Edition 735 MB
Shize R&D Research Report 167 kB

Development log


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Does anyone know the password to the R&D report? I can't find any reference to it or the contents of the pdf anywhere

Hey! I have a small question, im here from steam and i just struggled with the levels because having steam open lags my computer a good amount (its a shitty computer) so i wanted to ask if there was any difference between this and the steam version?

Not really much difference at all! The game is pretty graphically intensive so it chugs on less powerful computers.

Thank you !

hey, when i play the level or idk what to call the letters when you click on the splash won't come up and alwaysq stay to F even if i almost get nothing wrong, i am just very crappy at the game or is it a bug?

You have to use left and right click depending on if Spray or Snap are on screen. You can also use the left and right arrows if that is easier.


it looks like an interesting game but the comments from before said that there are no plans for an ios version... hopefully there is one available for all of us apple users to download... but it looks good tho 

there seem to be a problem with my steam version of the game, I was doing the usual playing until when I try to open the game up it just showed the bar of the game. I could hear the music from it but I couldn’t do anything about it as I tried to reinstall the game and reset my computer but that didn’t work, not sure on how to fix it unless I have to reinstall steam. Also here’s the photo of what it looked like when it’s opened.

Did it run properly beforehand?

yes, I did remember having to get out of full screen due to the game being laggy. It seem to run smoothly a bit when the game was now windowed since I changed the graphics along with the second section as well. 

Hmmm... Might be worth doing a full reinstall of the game, making sure no files are left to cause a bug. I've never seen this before!

Including steam? Just wanted to make sure that I’m not doing it wrong which could possible loss my process unless it’s needed to be sacrificed in order for the game to work properly without any issues.

I tried to do it, made sure there isn't anything left. I even did a full restart of my steam but it's still the same, I don't know what's wrong with it. (Maybe it's the windows and resolution situation that won't let me in? I don't know anymore. Also sorry if I'm a bother to you at the moment as I really enjoyed the game) 

I... I have found the way to fix it, which is weirdly surprising on how it worked. As I did ALT+SHIFT+ENTER on it and it was back to normal.
I do apologize but also want to thank you for your help, and really love your game!

Thanks for finding a fix, I'm sorry I couldn't be more helpful! I'm glad you've enjoyed the game though!

idk but there is an issue when i play the game but it is really laggy to where i cant even play the game correctly. does anyone know how to fix this issue? 

You might need to reduce your quality settings in the options menu, the game is very processor intensive!

i found out this game exists thanks to a video from tiktok using the sound one of the best games i have ever played

I'm very glad you enjoyed it!

Wish this could run on Linux so I could at least attempt to play it on my Chromebook, it doesn't work on my laptop that runs windows because the graphics card isn't strong enough, messed about downloading itch.io on the Chromebook using Linux but nope :(

Yeah sadly we don't support a Linux version of the game, and I don't think we ever will.

use a virtuall machin in ur lunix device or dual boot windows

I need this on mmobile any chance?


Unfortunately no! Mobiles don't really have the processing and graphics power to handle some of the more juicy effects!

Deleted 208 days ago

can you make it available for Mac?

Unfortunately no! We've got no plans to release a Mac version!


Ok so I'm having a bit of an issue-- whenever I try to boot up the game (steam varient) I get the "made by unity" logo with the "feel the fizz inside you" jingle and it's little green background, only for it to go black shortly after and eventually crash if I do remotely anything on it. Sometimes it'll have unity assest install themselves and such but otherwise, nothing but a black screen and crashing. Is there a way I could possibly fix this?

This is a bug caused by some graphics cards, I'm afraid there is no fix!

Can y'all maybe release a Mac version ? would love to play it !!

Unfortunately we can't launch a mac version, it's too much work to do it and it would cost money!

The game is crashing please fix it!

It's definitely not crashing! It'll be your graphics card!

Oh my what a game XD

I am sus XD

3 Free Games - Episode 1 - YouTube


I'm dying to see what comes next


Only time will tell...


Hilarious. Massive attention to detail. Weirdness. And pasties. What's not to love?

Thank you for playing!

(1 edit) (+1)(-2)


amazing game



seriously, this is such a unique game and has such a simple mechanic yet the comedy value was through the roof. Excellent game.

And I totally didn't end up listening to the song over & over for weeks....nope, definitely not.

Cannot wait for your next masterpiece!


Thank you so much!


Theres moaning lore horror and way more i unlocked the dont unlock this and i got a soul trapped in a can i can guess who that is but i wont


Hello, I'm a stupendium viewer and I know you are a friend of stupendium.   if you could make this playable in your browser (meaning everyone elses browser) that would be great cuase I cant play a game like this after downloading on my personal chromebook o if you could allo thi to be played in the browser that the person is using GREAT! thank you! - Stupendium viewer Landon - also heres a picture of pain when fighting naruto


the game wont load it gets to the soda can opening sound and then it doesnt work? can i get some help here?


Some computers cannot run the game, unfortunately. We're not entirely sure why.




talk about the last level

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When I watch Game Theorist Channel talking about this. It was John Shize the 3rd's son, John Shize the 4th(but it's just a theory)

what engine is this made with?



wow, what unity can do am I right? Ima leave you with a joke. What did the can say after realizing it was about to die? I’m going to Sheize the day

i hate that joke so much

Hi OxyOxspring im the guy from the other comment can u please healp me on something when i start the game it just turns into black screen and on steam it wont show up (the game) and the link wont work also im not the only person with the problem

I'm afraid you can't play the game in Germany because of some weird laws!

oh well thats shit but ibcant do anything so but thank u for answearing me 

well i got actually downloaded on my computer from my grandpa and it worked there.well somehow the screen is black on the photo secion and the textures are wierd so i dunno whats wrong on my laptop and it wont work on itch.io on my laptop but on the other one tho

Try turning the graphics down to their lowest settings!

well you didn't hear it from me but you can get around the region by just downloading it on Linux and playing it via WINE

but i dont have linux 

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his dosent deserve to be18+ but hell it funny


Oh trust me it does, just wait... 


i played on steam its just humor


Have You seen the final can?


is fugly


Fugly doesnt begin to describe it

Please o pleeeease release the soundtracks of each can. I love those, they are really refreshing just like the game! I m ready to even pay for it! How are you guys even making money?


We didn't make any money from the game, we made it for fun. Haha.

I really appreciate it cuz I had fun playing it (why does this have to sound so strange) and the musics  literally captured each culture. Will you guys put it on Spotify or YouTube at least. Please! I would love to hear it during workout. 


the music is seem to just be stock music anyone can use.

Could you please make a  Linux port?

Unfortunately no! We don't have the time to!


idk if its a problem with my computer or the download is messed up but when I launch the game it loads up and then goes to a black screen then crashes. if you could plz help me

I have the same problem i wish someone would answear


anyone else here after watching the game theory?


You know you're stupid when you comment this. Please stop doing this.

(And yes, i came here for the video. lmao)


i am






What the fuck is this game good game tough


Hilarious concept


came here after inspecting http://fizzinside.me/, and now there's a body horror warning, might as well check the game out

Truly a masterpiece. Thank you for blessing the world with this content.

OxyOxspring any plans on making a moblie version for Android? I have the theme song Stupendium made on repeat. I'm listening to it as I type this.


So we tried to make one but the can graphics were so good that my phone kept crashing...

...we might try again once the final DLC is out?

Deleted 1 year ago

Wise wise words!


I found this a couple of days ago and it looks absolutely fantastic and with a Steam release in a couple of days - Wow! So strange, so zany, so good!


Thanks for playing!


Thank you for making it! Honestly so fun! I can't wait for what's next (and to continue on with this)

It is currently not available in the German Steam Store. Do you know any reason why? Will it be available anytime soon?

It will not be available on the German Steam Store due to rules in Germany about Adult Content. I don't know if it will ever be available on the Steam Store for Germany, unfortunately!


Very fun game! Kinda strange, but I like it!

Thanks for playing and for making a video!!


Very creative game. The visuals are awesome and play the game is so funny. Congrats! 


Thank you for playing!!!


I really didn't expect to get hooked on it, but I was. I recorded a let's play, but lost the audio, and I'm genuinely disappointed. Tropical storm really caught me off guard with the voice, but the grunt at the end was the cherry on the weird sundae. You guys really put some soul (and flesh) into this.


We're really glad you liked it! It's a shame you lost the audio for your video, we would have totally watched it!

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