A downloadable experience for Windows


🧊 Unnecessarily High Quality Cans!

πŸ§ƒ All colours, sizes, tastes, and accessories!

πŸ₯€ Tasty and tasteful canned drink erotica!

πŸ’Ό Corporate drama! Family tragedy!

πŸ“Έ Greed! Love! Passion! Photography!

βœ‹ One Handed Gameplay available!


Programming, Game Design, Visual Effects:

Sean Oxspring

2D Art, UI:

Sarah Ford

3D Art:

Sam Silvers

Original Shize Jingle:

Chel Wong


N. Cannon, Γfrica Curiel, Nagisa Futagawa, Zaid Shaikh

Announcer Voice Acting:

Casey Whillhite

Canned Voice Acting (alphabetical order):

Ahmed El-Badawi
Anna De Cicco
Bertine van HΓΆvell
Ben M-J
Bianca Pana
Dan Chambers
Evgeni Puzankov
Joanna Graham
Joe Neeves
Kat Welsford
Kitty Crawford
Lorraine Ansell
Lucas Duff
Natalie Winter
Reece Bridger
Rina Locke
Sam Silvers
Sean Oxspring
Xalavier Nelson Jr.
Zach Thelen

Translations and Cultural Experts:

Nagisa Futagawa, Evgeni Puzankov, Masao Kobayashi, Lisa Schaeffer, Bianca Pana, Ahmed El-Badawi, Mcdoogleh, Zaid Shaikh

Special Thanks:

Anna Webster, Phasmophobia, Crimbles the Ghost Hunting Goblin, Harry Edwards (Original Shize Machine), Green

Social Media and Itch Page:

Lisa Schaeffer

Constant Emotional Support:

Cassie Clark

❗ WARNINGS: food, body horror, flashing images, sexual themes, bdsm, clowns, smoking ❗

Updated 19 hours ago
Published 15 days ago
GenreSimulation, Rhythm
Made withUnity, Adobe Photoshop
Tags3D, Adult, cans, Dating Sim, NSFW, Singleplayer, soda
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


OnlyCans: Thirst Trap for Windows 483 MB


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Very creative game. The visuals are awesome and play the game is so funny. Congrats! 

Thank you for playing!!!


I really didn't expect to get hooked on it, but I was. I recorded a let's play, but lost the audio, and I'm genuinely disappointed. Tropical storm really caught me off guard with the voice, but the grunt at the end was the cherry on the weird sundae. You guys really put some soul (and flesh) into this.

We're really glad you liked it! It's a shame you lost the audio for your video, we would have totally watched it!


I played this for my friends and they were absolutely thrilled


That last can man, that was quite a surprise. Glad I decided to play this.

We're really glad you enjoyed it!

Stay tuned as we're going to be releasing updates with more exciting gameplay in the next few weeks!

I'm encountering this bug where, after the can... spraying, it just spins in the air forever and nothing happens


ok, nevermind, got it to work, sorry to bother.

great game, weirdly actually sexy???

Yeah! We know about that bug and we're trying to fix it!

Thanks for playing, we're glad you enjoyed it!


Blueberry Tart X Melon for life! <3

They're so cute together!


I played with one hand on the mouse, and the other hand on my forehead


As was intended! πŸ’¦


Absolute goldmine! Genial parody crafted into a well polished game


Thank you so much!!!




Feel The Fizz Inside You™ πŸ’¦