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Onlycans: Thirst Date is coming to Steam in an exclusive, improved, expanded edition: Hot & Steamy!

💦More cans!
😳Deeper lore!
🔥Hotter graphics!
😏Harder gameplay!
🎶Brand new original song!
✅Stream safe!

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- OnlyCans Team + Shize™ LLC


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Stupendium has directed me towards your game, and I am eager to play it; it looks absolutely blursed °³°. Sadly, your game isn't available in the German store. On Twitter, you wrote this had something to do with laws your game is breaking. Is there any other way to acquire the fancy Hot and Steamy edition? 

You can download it here!!!

Oh, this is already the extended version? That's wonderful news!

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hi OxyOxspring 

I have a problem .the problem is that when i start the game (downloaded with itch.io) it wont really start i hear music and the it turns into black screen and i need to close that game i tried everything is there anything what fix this

Also when i go to the wishlist link or on steam it wont show up.

PS:im german sry if my grammer isnt that good

This is a Unity game, what you’re describing is a common video support error with Unity.